AM Design-WAD 2019 World Young Designers Conference and Global Launch Ceremony of Shimi Design Training Held in Shanghai


On November 29th, the "WAD2019 World Young Designers Conference and Global Launch Ceremony of Shimi Design Training" was grandly held at the Anadi Hotel in Shanghai, from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden , Norway, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other 30 countries and regions, young designer representatives, Shanghai Design Leaders of the Promotion Center, heads of industry associations such as China Architectural Decoration Association, Singapore Interior Designers Association, and famous experts in the architectural interior design industry, entrepreneurs in real estate, decoration, design, materials, major media in the design circle, live broadcast Nearly 1,000 people including platform reporters attended the event.

This year's "WAD2019 World Young Designers Conference" is based on the theme of "Mr. De·Sai". Excellent young designers from 30 countries and regions are invited to gather in Shanghai. Through several master keynote speeches and urban designer debates Events, the International Young Designers’ Idea Summit, the release of the “WAD2019 World Young Designers Conference Shanghai Declaration”, the WAD Annual Design Character Awards Ceremony, the Shimi Annual Lecture Hall, and other activities, which set off a round of “design and science” in Shanghai The industry boom for core topics!

This year's WAD World Young Designers Conference won the strategic cooperation unit Louvre Import Hall, Shanghai Design Capital Promotion Center, Aituo brand, rare culture, design cool, Hong Kong Jianke Publishing House, McGee Culture, Shanghai design circle, Strong support from industry organizations and well-known enterprises such as Design Focus and Global View.

Mr. Lei Yuming attended the meeting as a representative of this debate (the design should pursue the trend of the times). Mr. Lei Yuming has brought us a wonderful debate with his many years of design experience.

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