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Am Hotel Design Introduction
Am design is affiliated to Beijing leiyuming Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 20 million, focusing on interior design of medium and high-end public space. Since its establishment for more than ten years, the company has integrated site selection analysis, strategic planning, hotel design, cost control, construction support, furniture and soft decoration, VI guide, furnishing supporting services and operation support into one hotel design and related supporting services, and has grade B design qualification. With the first-class project service quality, positive professional service team and perfect construction management system, we have achieved the design demands for countless customers and accumulated rich industry experience and good social reputation.

Why choose Am Hotel Design Expert

The company has a good background and cultural pattern, relying on the professional team and excellent leaders, as well as more than ten years of valuable practical experience and peer recognition, am is considered to have sufficient ability and qualification to create their dream design works for customers. We have the whole chain service for customers, through the perfect connection and excellent team of three systems in series (early conceptual planning, mid-term design positioning and late construction support), to ensure the perfect implementation of the project.

Our Advantage

Who choose Am Hotel Design Expert

  • 盛唐酒店
  • hilton
  • intercontinental
  • kempinski
  • 开元酒店集团
  • 汇金假日酒店
  • 凯瑞酒店
  • ramada
  • element
  • aloft
  • starwood
  • stregis
  • 华住酒店
  • wyndham
  • 美豪酒店
  • 宝利来国际大酒店
  • 丽思卡尔顿
  • 宝格丽
  • 希尔顿酒店及度假村
  • 维也纳酒店集团
  • 君澜度假酒店
  • AMAN
  • 锦江之星

Customer's evaluation of AM

  • Am combines business and art organically and is a reassuring enterprise. From the early design of the scheme, am gave me a lot of inspiration, let me gradually clear in line with the hotel positioning of the overall applicable style. During the project, they kept in touch with me at all times to keep me clear about the progress of the project. They also helped me to consider many specific and professional details such as water, heating, electricity, decoration, etc., which I didn't understand. I felt very relieved. From the design renderings to the construction, I didn't worry much. Am followed up until the project was implemented, which was very smooth, and the budget was also within the scope. On the whole, I'm really satisfied. I'm really relieved. I hope I can keep this quality in the future.
  • We recommend am design, and the designed products operate well. We have been working with them for more than three years, and we are very happy.
  • Am design has a special person to track and coordinate the on-site construction, which can solve the problems of on-site construction technology at any time in the construction project, and has high requirements for the quality of construction technology. Audit material sample, coordinate furniture design, furniture sample board guidance are very helpful to cooperate with us, to ensure the landing effect.
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