Capital Design·Travel|Building Dreams, Insights into the New Trend of Design


Capital Design · Tour
(Building Dreams | 2020 Insights into the New Trend of Design)
On July 18, 2020
Grandly held in Ziyang Villa, Tanzhesi Town, Mentougou

"Building Dreams"

Insight into the new direction of design

Based on the theme of "integration and sharing"
The first design · line has launched many activities
I also hope to be able to be on a higher and broader platform,
Develop and prosper together with the elites of all industries.

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Guests sharing

▲Secretary of Asia Pacific Hotel Design/Principal of Advanced Seminar on Asia Pacific Hotel Design:
Wonderful speech by Mr. Liu Kun

▲Chairman of China Interior Decoration Association: Ms. Zhang Li
Share【After the epidemic is over, what challenges will the interior design industry face?

▲International famous designer/manufacturing·China founder/Chairman of Beijing Jimei Group:
Mr. Liang Jianguo shared the latest design case: Beijing Yuyu

A world where you can sit down and savor the "world"

The Beijing Art Museum by Liang Jianguo is called 【噫唏唏】
In Wangjing, where flowers are gradually entering, there seems to be another world hidden here.

▲This picture comes from designwire design wrist

▲This picture comes from designwire design wrist

▲This picture comes from designwire design wrist

▲Mr. Liang Jianguo shared [the development trend and new direction of domestic design]

▲ Guan Yongquan Lighting Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. General Manager: Ms. Zhu Haiyan

Share【Status and development of lighting design industry】


▲President of Beijing Shanhai Cultural Tourism Group

General Manager of Sunac Shanhai (Beijing) Real Estate Co., Ltd.: Mr. Zhao Jia
Share【What role does design play in cultural tourism projects?】

▲Chairman/Producer of the Chinese version of American Interior Design
Founder of China Design Hall of Fame: Mr. Zhao Hu
Share【Designer's Brand Value】

Capital Design·Line
It aims to build a shared service platform for the design industry.
Based on the collection of national design project resources, national interior designer resources, strict selection of high-quality direct-supplied product resources from brand factories, and high-quality designer service resources, the service links are reshaped under the needs of the new consumer era and combined with Internet operations, thereby Create a shared service platform for the entire industry chain of the design industry.

Our mission:
Gather strength, cross-border cooperation, share resources, create beauty
Our vision:
Integration and sharing
Our goal:
Optimize industrial supply chain efficiency

Part of the group photo

While we are rooted in the East,
Embrace the world’s diverse cultures with an open and tolerant attitude,
Learn from each other and grow together with excellent designers at home and abroad.
Work together to create a "design industry community".
Under the right guidance,
Continuously strengthen the inter-connected and interdependent relationship between various subjects.
In the context of the times and industries,
To meet the many challenges of the future together.
As long as we go forward hand in hand,
The future of the industry is bound to be bright, and society will get better and better.
Finally, we must always maintain cultural confidence,

China row! Capital trip! Design OK!

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