Interpretation_ Mr. Lei Yuming, design and life


As a designer, accurate self positioning in complex design is very important to ensure the successful completion of design and later operation.

Lei Yuming, founder of AM design brand. Founder of capital design · travel. Studied in Milan Polytechnic University, China's top ten outstanding young people in design industry.

As the leader of Chinese youth design, Mr. Lei Yuming is known as "design geek", and is one of the most representative figures. His works are deeply imprinted with the unique imprint of Oriental Aesthetics and regional culture, which is widely praised by the industry and highly recognized by the public. We can get more insights and lessons from his role of "design spectator".

Skills are the means to achieve the goal, innovation and R & D is the source of vitality of works, and innovation comes from the transformation of designer's experience knowledge and attentive observation of life. Therefore, an excellent designer, often as a bystander, will be separated from the design, go deep into life, observe, feel, accumulate knowledge and experience, and accumulate strength for innovation. It can be said that an excellent designer must be an experienced living family.

Every design has a story. Every innovation, there is an enlightenment.

Observe life with heart, realize the true meaning of life, and let design interact with life.

Let the inspiration release freely, create a space that the soul yearns for.

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