Zhuhai Intercontinental Star Hotel Design

Zhuhai Intercontinental Star Hotel Design

Star Hotel Guangdong-Zhuhai 2018Year 5400㎡

Main materials

Yabai gray, Yabai white

Design description

The InterContinental Zhuhai Hotel is located in Yanlord Binhai Center, a large-scale comprehensive square on South Lovers Road. The unique shape design of the hotel resembles a windward sail, making it a charming landmark in Zhuhai, a tourist destination of Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. Hai Intercontinental Hotel is positioned as an urban leisure business hotel. The design of the hotel follows the distinguished and elegant brand positioning of InterContinental Hotels, and is designed around the theme of urban leisure, elegant and highly artistic. The design inspiration comes from the local legend of Zhuhai: in order to win the hearts of the loved ones, a fisherman bravely dived into the deep sea to find pearls. The rich texture and various forms of pearls echo the vast sea surface and the changing sea waves. Incorporate the unique natural and humanistic elements of Zhuhai into the hotel to create the unique intercontinental charm of Zhuhai.

Star Hotel Design-Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Elevator Hall 发送反馈 历史记录
Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Elevator Hall

Star Hotel Design-Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Reception
Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Reception

Star Hotel Design-Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Reception
Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Reception

Star Hotel Design-Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Rest Area
Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Rest Area

AM Hotel Design-Star Hotel Design-InterContinental Zhuhai Hotel-Restaurant

InterContinental Zhuhai Hotel-Restaurant
InterContinental Zhuhai Hotel-Restaurant

Star Hotel Design-Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Corridor
Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Corridor

Star Hotel Design-Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Lobby
Zhuhai Intercontinental Hotel-Lobby

InterContinental Zhuhai Hotel-Restaurant
InterContinental Zhuhai Hotel-Restaurant

AM hotel design, fusion of contemporary, casting classics, dialogue masters, and explore the future together. AM resort hotel design, AM boutique hotel design, AM business hotel design, AM apartment hotel design, AM theme hotel design, AM star hotel design, AM homestay design is not just a simple hotel space design, it is also a brand building Is to use space to tell the story of the brand and to explore the soul of the brand. The AM hotel design has a global vision, builds friendly contacts with the masters, actively maintains communication on cutting-edge design concepts and design trends, and constantly incorporates the experience of the hotel design and inspiration ideas of the masters to create a design with a unique style of AM hotel design. But in the final analysis, AM Design believes that design still serves people. From the perspective of human nature, it has to return to people. In this regard, AM Hotel Design constantly explores and explores human nature, deeply cultivates the sense of experience of the target customer group, and combines the business interests of the owners and the values of a generation to create truly practical and beneficial designs for the owners, users and society. This is also the case, with the recognition of many masters such as Lin Fengnian, Ji Yutang, Liu Kun, Zhong Xue, Cheng Shao Zhengtao, etc., and the opportunity to interact frequently, and AM hotel design is also constantly breaking through innovation while moving side by side with the masters. Seek the balance between design and business, the sense of technology and the balance between low-carbon and environmental protection, and gain industry recognition. AM Hotel Design pays tribute to the masters, always insists on making meaningful designs for society and human development, and making designs with depth and breadth. AM hotel design collection master works create a classic momentum, leveraging the excellent achievements of the design industry side by side comrades in arms, AM hotel design uses love to create highly recognizable design products for the development of the community of destiny in the design industry and the community of human destiny.

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