Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang Star Hotel Design

Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang Star Hotel Design

Star Hotel 2019Year 5968㎡

Main materials

Stone, wood

Design description

The predecessor of huajiantang hotel is a century old wooden structure shop building. According to the principle of renovation, the original architectural style and historical texture are preserved to the greatest extent. Huajiantang, built on Shuijie street, is the first decent hotel in Hanling. By adhering to the local design of Huajian hall, combining the unique landscape and cultural elements of ancient villages in Hanling, the life scene of Yuqiao city in the old street is reproduced. Although it is a new resident of Hanling, the imprint of Hanling can be seen everywhere in Huajian hall.


Star Hotel Design-Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Aerial View
Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Aerial View

Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Reception
Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Reception

Star Hotel Design-Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Rest Area
Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Rest Area

Star Hotel Design-Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Rest Area
Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Rest Area

Star Hotel Design-Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Restaurant
Ningbo Hanling Huajiantang-Restaurant

Star Hotel Design-Ningbo Hanling Flower Room-Guest Room
Ningbo Hanling Flower Room-Guest Room

Star Hotel Design-Ningbo Hanling Flower Room-Living Room
Ningbo Hanling Flower Room-Living Room

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