Hotel Ninja Black Theme Hotel Design

Hotel Ninja Black Theme Hotel Design

Theme Hotel 日本京都 2019Year 695.0㎡

Main materials

Photocatalyst, stone, wooden floor, rammed earth

Design description

This is a hotel called "Ninja Black", which is about "shadow". The venue is located in the center of Kyoto, just west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, with houses, small shops, apartment buildings and hotels nearby. This is a typical site in Kyoto, 9 meters wide and 35 meters deep. We planned a small five-story hotel with 21 rooms. Customers come from the nearby city of Kouga, which has been the hometown of ninjas for centuries. He may even be a descendant of a ninja. What does "Ninja" mean to us in this design? Ninjas have always lived and are associated with the "shadow", and they can still play their role in places they cannot see. Therefore, the "shadow" design concept of this hotel was born: mysterious, dark, silent, but with a strong sense of presence. There are more shadows on the facade than the solid, the purpose of the design is to remind people that the ninja may be hiding anywhere. The entire facade is covered by Japanese-style blinds "koushi". The eaves are also added to the first, second and top floors, but the strong impression of the facade comes from koushi. The entire facade is actually made of two layers of koushi, each layer has an alternating V-shaped pattern, offset from each other by a half-span, which deepens the shadow. Each individual louver is painted brown on one side and black on the other, so that when you approach the hotel from the east, the facade looks brown, but when you arrive, the brown gradually disappears and the whole building It looks black. The interior is designed around the concept of "darkness", and visitors can experience the feeling of being a ninja in this hotel.

Design of Hotel Ninja Black Lobby
▲Design of Hotel Ninja Black Lobby

Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception
▲Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception

Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception
▲Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception

Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception▲Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception

Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception
▲Design of Hotel Ninja Black Reception

Design of Hotel Ninja Black Room
▲Design of Hotel Ninja Black Room

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