Yuleshan house

Yuleshan house

Home Stay Hotel Zhejiang 2018Year 1100㎡

Main materials

Ancient wood, pine, bluestone

Design description

Yuleshan house is an old-fashioned farmhouse run by a farmer and his wife in Taihuyuan, Lin'an, Hangzhou. Over the past ten years, it has accumulated excellent reputation. However, it is more and more difficult to maintain the unit price of 200 yuan package of food and accommodation. The huge gap in reception volume and the low quality of tourists in the light and peak seasons also make the couple tired of coping with it. So the two decided to transform the physical space of the mountain house in order to improve the profitability, create a better holiday living experience for the guests, and make the mountain house complete the transformation from a farmhouse to a "high-end" house.

Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape
▲Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape

Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape
▲Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape

Yuleshan House - guest room
▲Yuleshan House - guest room

Yuleshan House - corridor
▲Yuleshan House - corridor

Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape
▲Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape

Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape
▲Yuleshan House - outdoor landscape

Yuleshan House - courtyard
▲Yuleshan House - courtyard

Yuleshan House - entrance
▲Yuleshan House - entrance

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