Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa Design

Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa Design

Home Stay Hotel Yunnan 2018Year 1200㎡

Main materials

Ancient wood, fair-faced concrete, velvet, stone, rattan, old metal

Design description

"Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa" is hidden at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with white clouds and ancient trees in groups, not connected to the hustle and bustle. Exquisite velvet fabric, natural textured stone, distressed metal and rattan, the combination of materials conveys a classic nostalgic sense, and the soft light source also creates a movie-like stage atmosphere. The apricot-orange sofa and the dream peacock blue collide with each other to form the eye-catching points on both sides of the book bar. The relaxed blues music sounded, and Le Bar with a bit of artistic style was not far away. You can see it only after turning around the bamboo forest and stone trail. The room has the old stone platform in Zhuangli, and the culture of book fragrance and the four seasons penetrate each other. Outdoor sunshine in Jinshan and indoor cooking of snow and tea should be the warmest memories in winter. We have retained the original fireplace in the interior. The calm and deep blue steel wall immerses the atmosphere of the whole space. The façade blocks are interspersed with changes but combined with the reality and the reality. The dimension of the bar space is expanded in multiple dimensions.

Leling · Mengdiezhuang—Outdoor Landscape
▲Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa-Outdoor Landscape

Leling · Mengdiezhuang—Building

▲Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa-Building

Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa—Indoor Courtyard
▲Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa-Indoor Courtyard

Leling · Mengdiezhuang—Exchange Area
▲Leling · Dream Butterfly Village-Exchange Zone

Leling · Mengdiezhuang—Exchange Area
▲Leling · Dream Butterfly Village-Exchange Zone

Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa—Background Wall
▲Leling · Dream Butterfly Villa-Background Wall

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